Dave Filoni: A New Hope for Star Wars?

I was one of those disillusioned Star Wars fans who lost hope in new content since the prequels.
But Dave Filoni lit a new light at the end of the tunnel.
Dave Filoni is the writer behind Clone Wars, Rebels, The Mandalorian and now Ahsoka.

– Dave Filoni Grew with the Original Star Wars Trilogy –

Dave Filoni is a bit older than me. Still, he also spent his childhood and adolescence watching reruns of the original movies that molded the idea of epic saga in the minds of our generation.

But, everything that came after it is dissociated from what made Star Wars good.

So I gradually retired to a niche group of fans that decided to ignore any Star Wars content besides the original movies.

In a future text, I might talk about why I think that way, but there are many videos and posts already talking about all the ways Star Wars lost its mojo, some say since Return of the Jedi.

George Lucas never understood Star Wars.
Much less Kathleen Kennedy.
J. J. Abrams? Well, he still can’t understand how people keep hiring him after doing so much crap.

Leave some comments if you want to chat about it.
That was sad for me and other fans…
Until The Mandalorian came along.

– From Clone Wars to Mandalorian –

I didn’t watch the Clone Wars cartoon much, it reeked too much of the prequels.
Even though it managed to create better characters out of that spoiled source.
And I didn’t care or bother to watch Rebels for the same reason.

So, the first time I noticed Dave Filoni in the credits was in The Mandalorian series.  
And at this point, I thought the credits were due to Jon Favreau more than anybody.
He did direct the first Iron Man.

Fast forward, I saw the Ahsoka trailer and recognized many characters from Rebels in it.
So, I decided to check out the cartoon. It was on Disney Plus, no effort.

And I was surprised by the way it grabbed my attention.
That was the story Disney should have made into the Star Wars new trilogy.

– How did Rebels Presented me to Dave Filoni –

Rebels start with a straightforward and carefree story.
Each episode this rebel group has a new adventure.
Since the rebellion is in its infancy, the scenario is simple and nothing epic happens.

But the writing is good and the characters are very charismatic.
Firefly was certainly an inspiration for Dave Filoni.
The crew dynamic, some of the plot, and even the characters’ archetypes are all there.
Ghost and Serenity are sister ships.

Firefly is the single good thing created by Jos Wheadon.
Sadly it lasted for a single season, unlike his other series.

Throughout the series, Rebels’ plot grows with the rebellion power, while showing a different side to the conflict we saw in the original movies.
All during the five years before the Battle of Yavin.

It ends when Luke Skywalker shows up as a new hope for the galaxy.
In parallel, Rebels comes to an end giving us Star Wars fans a new hope for new stories in this universe.

is a new Rebels season and it ends with another promise, of giving us the Heir of the Empire movie linking with the Mandalorian plot.

– Dave Filoni’s Saga Conclusion –

The coming movie, or movies, will conclude this story Dave Filoni has been weaving since Clone Wars.
It will also, unfortunately, create a link to the more recent trilogy.

Yeah, Dave created an oasis of good stories between two cesspools.

In the books, Thrawn unites the remaining imperial forces to destroy the new republic.
In this movie, he will probably be defeated, as in the books.

However, instead of this defeat resulting in a stronger new republic, it will make it weaker.

This war will end in a stalemate.
The imperial forces, headless without Thrawn, will become that First Order crap.

Did you miss Andor in this text?
Well, that is why I already wrote about it here.

Another excellent example of good story well written.
Star Wars is a marvelous universe for any kind of story.
It is a shame that it rarely had good writers.

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