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A little girl called Rose is on her first day at a boarding school that until last semester accepted only boys.

She and other first-years are conducted to a room where they are supposed to wait for a teacher or the headmaster to introduce them to the school.

Very excitedly she starts talking to her new colleagues, who were discussing how great it was to be  there and she wonders to herself what she might achieve if she stands out in this new enviroment. The room has beautifully adorned wood walls and benches against them, sorrounding all the area. But the first thing that catches their notice is a distinguishable wall which is filed with plaques barring the names of assumed ex-students. She quickly points out to the wall and says in a louder tone: “I`ll have my name there, some day!”

“I hope not.” Answers a bleak, male voice from behind her and the others.

Turning around they see a tall middle aged man standing calmly in the middle of the room, with his hands behind his back, and very still. He is looking softly towards Rose, who is fronzen in shame or fear of the consequences of such a first impression, while the other kids try to avoid being spotted in the crowd, anticipating a possible unpleasant reaction from the man.

But rather than a yell for order or some reprimend, the man continued to talk. “If your name comes to be among those, its because you`ve died in combat. Which, I think, is a very umpleasant way of leaving this world.

I prefer to think that in this institution, we teach better ways to deal with disagreements then just fighting.

You should look foward to seeing your name and your mates` in many of the other walls and prasing places this school maintains to remember those ex-students who could accomplish more of their lives, in benefit, not only of this institution, but of society in general.

This place has the tradition of bringing up great minds. If it is a warrior you want to become, there are far better places to be than here.

I`m not arguing that a great mind is not a great weapon. But those are too valiable to be lost in war.

A well taught mind should know better than to put itself in a situation where it has no scape but to fight. Since it is more effective and stronger in a situation where one can still debate and reason.

War, on the other hand, is the outcome of an unreasonable situation, when one or both sides of an argument run out of ideas to solve a problem besides forcing their will unto the other.

The mere existence of us, today, here, is the proof that it is not the way disputes are supposed to be solved. If our ansestors knew no better, we would not be here.

Our whole society is built on the comom knowledge that we all, strong, weak, smart or stupid share. The knowledge that there must be a peaceful solution for every problem.

Besides being healthier, it is the best way for evolution. When the two sides of a disagreament start talking it over both have the opportunity to learn from the exchange of ideas, becoming more efficient in avoiding future conflicts, and also solving the unavoidable.

This is the kind of education you will recieve here, though we do honor our ex-students and colleagues, who gave their lives when war was upon them.”

He relaxed his shoulders and looked happily at the young students, who by that time were all quietly listening to him.

“Now that I`ve got your attention, you may sit down, so I can introduce other aspects of our school.”

They all sat on the polished wood benches against the walls sorrounding the room.



Este conto me veio em inglês. Depois eu posto a tradução. Esta versão e a traduzida contaram com o auxílio de minha inestimável corretora.

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